The Krk Falls National Park - The Republic of Croatia

Krk Falls National Park Croatia

Krk Falls National Park is undeniably, one of the most beautiful natural treasures in southern Europe.

The National Park is situated on the River Krka just a few kilometers northeast of Sibenik, Croatia. The River Krka originates in the Dinara Mountains near the boarder of Bosnia and Herzegovina and winds its way through a rolling landscape to the Adriatic Sea.

The most popular and awe inspiring of the seven waterfalls within Krk Falls National Park are Skradinski buk and Roki Falls.

Roki Falls Croatia While they are all beautiful and worth any the effort to visit, Skradinski buk and Roki Falls are the most visited of the all primarily due to their easier accessibility. To get the best views of Roki Falls consider one of the boat excursions offered by the park service.

Skradinski Buk is the most popular, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful 'cliff waterfalls' in Europe (and it is a must see!) Getting the best vantage points of Skradinski Buk is best achieved through a brief and highly enjoyable trek down winding forest paths and several quaint and scenic wooden foot bridges. There are several very nice overlooks and viewing points.

Bring your picnic basket this is a marvelous place to spend a day!

At the mouth of the River Krka (the estuary) Adriatic seawater extends 23.5 kilometers right up to the base of the Skradinski Buk waterfall. The estuary is a true natural phenomenon hosting impressive biological diversity in both fresh and saltwater fish as well as numerous shell fish species. Remarkably the estuary is also free of modern pollution.

Fish in Croatian lakeFish are abundant in the beautiful and vivid pools of Krk Falls National Park.

As with Plitvice Lakes National Park, Krk Falls National Park can also be dubbed "The Land of Falling Lakes" as the river forms many lakes falls and water currents on its way to the sea. The River Krka cuts through a landscape of dolomite and limestone, which over the centuries is gradually dissolved by the waters flowing down from the mountains, and then accumulating in various areas to form travertine barriers creating natural dams. The amazing colors in the water here are the result of interactions of mineralization, organisms and the effects of sunlight.

Water flowing over one of the many natural dams.

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The Krk Falls
National Park.

Krk Falls National Park is open to visitors daily. year round. The park is open longer hours during the summer months

(Generally 8:00am to 7:00 pm).

In the winter months (November to March) expect to find an amazing winter wonderland of frozen lakes and waterfalls.

Admission to the park is €12 Euros in July and August (Tourist Season) and 6 Euros the rest of the year.

#The Krk Falls National Park Museum.

Visit several working mills and workshops. There is also a gift shop and a cafe.

Krk Falls National Park Official Website

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