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Amethyst: The stone of spirituality and attainment. Amethyst is believed to posses many mystical and curative powers. Sleeping with the magical amethyst under one's pillow will lead to intuitive dreams and inspired thinking. It is said to bring calm in times of stress or grief.


Diamond: Believed to make the stone's wearer invincible, unbreakable, indomitable. Hence the diamond is a cardinal choice of ancient royalty and warriors. Believed to render poisons harmless and drives away evil spirits and madness.


Emerald: The stone of wisdom, sharpens the intellect, fortifies memory and strengthens judgment. In some cultures the emerald represents the Earth Goddess and Venus and is believed to enhance fertility or good fortune. As a talisman emerald protects its owner from evil and misfortune.


Ruby: Represents strength of hearth, and is a dominant stone of ancient royalty and warriors. The ruby is believed to increase energy levels and empower strategic thinking as well as intuitive vision.


Sapphire: Intensifies purity of thought, love and devotion. The sapphire is believed to posses many healing qualities, holding power over ailments of the body, even serious disease. The sapphire is said to render black magic harmless, and enable its wearer to see the future.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli: The "Stone of the Heavens" was highly valued in mystical ceremony and funerary rites by the Ancient Egyptians. Lapis Lazuli is said to posses magical powers promoting clear vision and truth and contains strong healing properties for physical well being.


Moonstone: The beautiful translucent sheen has always associated the stone with cults of moon worship. Moonstone empowers creativity. It has magical healing powers related to both emotional and physical levels. It attracts loyalty and lasting friendship.

Mandarin Garnet

Garnet: Believed to be one of the best stones for general well being and self awareness. Garnet is said to promote courage, perseverance and self-confidence. Garnet is also recognized for its regenerative and inspirational influences.


Chrysoprase: An intense translucent green (in its highest quality) has the power to increase presence of mind and improve memory. Chrysoprase greatly reduces nervousness and impatience in its wearer; the perfect stone for going into battle or driving city traffic! Offers the magic of invisibility.


Jasper: Powers to quiet a troubled mind and overcome depression. Jasper is also said to alleviate disorders of the blood. Red jasper was worn as a talisman in ancient times by warriors going into battle as it is said to prevent loss of blood and protect the wearer from bodily harm.

Quartz Crystal: Is most noted for its use in unlocking the psychic channels and higher consciousness of the mind. Throughout history the fabled powers of the quartz crystal has solidified its place in time as the stone of choice for seers, fortune tellers, clairvoyants, shamans and spiritual leaders.

The quartz crystal amplifies the power of light and energy and promotes the deepest of meditative states and possesses truly magical healing powers. Visit "The Seer's Collection."


Tourmaline: Raises the vibratory strength of life force and self-awareness. "The stone of Confidence" believed to encourage self-assurance and relieve nervousness. A powerful stone for those in theater or the entertainment field. The tourmaline should be worn against the skin for maximum benefit.

Malachite Semi Precious

Malachite: This beautiful green banded stone is believed to contribute to general well-being. It may ward off depression and protect from respiratory afflictions such as asthma. Malachite has long been regarded as a stone to attract prosperity and good fortune to its wearer.


Jade: Highly regarded in Ancient China and Ancient Egypt as a talisman of good fortune and loyalty. Jade is also believed to protect the wearer from enemies when worn as jewelry. Jade is also believed to have many curative powers.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye: Amplifies strength, resolution and fortitude. Provides clear vision and self-awareness. Tiger Eye is said to ward off psychosomatic diseases. Some believe it has curative or healing powers related to the eyes and brain.


Bloodstone: Enhances intuition and is believed to also relieve melancholy and conquer depression. Bloodstone is said to ward off psychosomatic diseases. For the sorcerer, it is believed that bloodstone increases the power of incantations and even provides power over demons. Protection for those fearful of demonic possession.

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

Chrysoberyl Cat's-eye: This stone was very highly valued as a talisman in ancient times. The rare Chrysoberyl Cat's-eye was believed to ward off evil spirits and demons.

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The Talisman and Magic:

Scarab Beetle

A talisman is a small amulet usually worn around the neck, that may be inscribed with magical symbols as protection against evil spirits or misfortune. It may also be used to imbue its owner with courage, strength, or power. A talisman can be quite crude and made from simple materials such as shell or bones, or they can be quite elaborate and made from the finest of materials including gold, silver and gemstones.

Mankind has believed in the magical power of the talisman for centuries, and modern times makes no exception.

A Native American talisman from the Mississippian era made from the top of a human skull.

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Gem Birthstones of
Ancient Times:

  • January - Garnet
  • February - Amethyst
  • March - Malachite
  • April - Crystal Quartz
  • May - Agate
  • June - Rose Quartz
  • July - Onyx
  • August - Smokey Quartz
  • September - Lapis Lazuli
  • October - Hematite
  • November - Obsidian
  • December - Turquoise

    Gem Birthstones of
    Modern Day

    • January - Garnet
    • February - Amethyst
    • March - Bloodstone
    • April - Diamond
    • May - Agate
    • June - Emerald
    • July - Ruby
    • August - Moonstone
    • September - Sapphire
    • October - Aquamarine
    • November - Pearl
    • December - Turquoise

    Birthstones as Defined by the Modern Jewelry Industry

    • January - Garnet
    • February - Amethyst
    • March - Aquamarine
    • April - Diamond
    • May - Emerald
    • June - Pearl
    • July - Ruby
    • August - Peridot
    • September - Sapphire
    • October - Opal
    • November - Citrine
    • December - Blue Topaz

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