Lost Civilizations
North America

Amazing new discoveries and facts that you were never taught about Ancient North America and the civilizations that flourished here.

# Cahokia: North America's ancient walled city and the Mississippian culture.

# Aztalan: The Pre-Columbian fortress village in Wisconsin.

# Adena and Hopewell: The Ancient Mound Builder Cultures of Ohio, and the amazing ceremonial and astronomical earthworks they left behind.

The Caves and Rock Shelters of Ancient Man

  1. Ohio Caves and
    Rock Shelters

  2. Illinois Caves and
    Rock Shelters

  3. Wisconsin Caves and Petroglyphs

Lost Civilizations
Around the Globe

Ancient civilizations that cause us to question our current understanding of the world and technologies.

# Chichen' Itza: The fabled lost civilizations and cities of the Maya, Aztec, and Toltec.

# Nan Madol: The ancient and mysterious man-made island and its city of canals in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

# The Amazon Rain Forest: New discoveries and archaeological evidence that the Amazonian rain forests were "engineered."


Evidence of Viking exploration of North America. A 9th Century Viking coin in Maine, a large rune stone in Minnesota.

Ancient lead acid batteries found in an archeological excavation in Iraq.

A strange iron cube with a groove found buried in a coal seam in Austria.

Ancient Unsolved Mysteries

Ancient mysteries, enigmatic documents, unexplained mechanisms, strange artifacts.

# The Piri Reis Map: An ancient, astoundingly accurate map that reveals global features thought to be unknown until the 20th century.

# The Antikythera Mechanism: An ancient 2,100 year old planetary computer found in an ancient Roman ship wreck.

# The Voynich Manuscript: The most mysterious and cryptic manuscript in the world.

# The Dropa Stones: Ancient stone disks that resemble modern computer disks platters discovered in remote Chinese cave.

# OOPARTS: Unexplained artifacts and oddities found around the world in unexpected context.

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