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Zuko's Big Screen is all about movies; movies of every kind, of every genre. We love movies so much so, we have our own little screening theater right here in the Temple of the Sick Mind. The "Big Screen" is only a 10 footer but we screen Ultra High Definition, Full 3D, and enjoy the benefits of an earthquake generating sound system. We see and hear every detail, and every nuance. Now, we don't promise to review every new release, or every old movie . . . that's not who we are, but we do promise sometimes serious, some times sagacious, tong-in-cheek perspectives on the movies that we do find entertaining or worth a look.

Dumb Things Hollywood Has Taught Us

While there are lots of opinions
on this intriguing and never ending topic, here are
Dr Von Zuko's
Top Eight Dumbest Things the Movies Have Taught Us
. . .




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