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Welcome to the Cryptic Sphere
the domain of ancient mysteries, paranormal encounters, and the unexplained phenomena occurring on this mysterious planet Earth.

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Unsolved Mysteries Paranormal Realms Lost Civilizations

Ancient Unsolved Mysteries and OOPARTs  by Dr. Von Zuko

Dr Von Zuko Weird and Spooky Places - Hauntings and ghost stories


Mysterious Lost Civilizations by Dr. Von Zuko - Lost City Explorations

Strange Phenomena

Great Books on These Topics

What Do You Believe ?

Cryptozoology, strange phenomena, and urban legands



Dr. Von Zuko's Paranormal Book Store
Dr. Von Zuko's Paranormal Book Store

Dr. Von Zuko's Archaeology Book Store

Test your knowledge on a wide range of topics.  Things aren't always as they seem when you take a closer look!

Dr. Z's Quizzes are challenging, entertaining and quite possibly educational!

Dr. Von Zuko's Brain Cell Stimulator

Dare to explore the intriguing and mystifying secrets of the unbounded universe.  A cryptic sphere of the unknown, the unsettling, and inexplicable phenomena that has perplexed philosophers, scientists, and clerics since the beginning of our existence.

Despite a growing body of knowledge gained through centuries of research and study, and ever increasingly levels of sophistication in our  technologies, there are still frontiers of the unfathomable . . . where skeptics fear to tread, and the comfortable intellectual sometime fears to risk!       

Explore the very strange world of Dr. Von ZukoUnsolved mysteries, Paranormal Realms, Lost Civilizations
Previously Dr. Von Zuko's Weird n' Spooky America. Featuring ghost stories and hauntings in America.

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