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The Adel Nibbler

An Unusual Tool that is Extremely Versatile

The Adel Nibbler : Cool tools at

The Versatile Adel Nibbler:

  • Sheet metal nibbler

  • Plastics nibbler

  • Laminates nibbler

  • Copper nibbler

  • Leather nibbler

  • Brass nibbler

  • Sheet silver nibbler

Where it comes in handy:

  • Heating and Cooling

  • Electronics

  • Body Shop

  • Custom Car Building

  • Aviation mechanic

  • Computer hobbyist

  • Jewelry design or repair

  • Luthier shop

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Household projects

Where to Buy!
Directly from the Manufacturer
Buy Here Adel Nibbler

The Adel Nibbler

I first discovered this very cool hand tool quite by accident.  Called the Adel Nibbler, it has a simple design, is simple and easy to use, small, compact and has about a hundred or so uses!

The Adel Nibbler is easily the craftsperson's dream tool, but is equally at home in the auto body shop, the computer tech's tool kit or the heating and cooling technicians tool kit.  

Simply stated, this excellent little tool allows you to trim, notch, cut-out, shape or fit pieces and parts made of just about any material! 

The Adel Nibbler can used on plastics, leather, laminates, sheet silver, tin, copper, brass, and sheet metal. It can even be used on steel up to 18 gauge thick.  

I have two of these now (I like the tool a lot!) and have used the Adel Nibbler on numerous craft projects as well as more utilitarian projects.

What is the Adel Nibbler good for?

Heating and Cooling: trimming or notching sheet metal parts.  Fitting control boxes or sensors in duct work.

Jeweler or Artisan: cutting and shaping jewelry pieces for custom work or repair.

Body Shop: trimming or fabricating metal pieces for repair work or custom work

Electronics Shop: making adjustments on component cases or circuit boards.  Cutting ventilation slots.

Music Shop Luthier: Making fine adjustments (trimming) various components.  I have used the Adel Nibbler to trim and under cut fret wires and trim strings.

This is just a few examples of how this tool might be used, I can think of dozens of other uses.  One buddy of mine uses it to 'tweak' his armor used in his Renaissance re-enactment.

(Although he keeps it secret that he is using a modern tool!)   

The Adel Nibbler gets all five: Five stars for the Adel Nibbler.

Average Price: $35 which includes shipping & handling.

Falcon Grip

Falcon Grip : Cool tools

Ever wish you could carry an entire set of metrics and SAE sockets around with you . . . on your motor cycle or in your car?

Wow! That would be a lot of tools and a heck of a lot of weight heh?

Well now you can!  These are the coolest sockets I have ever seen.  One set ... due to a unique design approach . . . covers it all!

Now in my opinion, these don't take the place of your full set of metrics and SAEs in the shop (You'll definitely want to keep those for the sake of precision) .  The Falcon Grip set does however, provide for a great light weight and slimmed down emergency set to carry around with you. 

Falcon Grip

 Falcon Grip gets a solid:

WiHa Magnetizer & Demagnetizer

Magnetizer and demagnetizer : Cool tools

Where to buy!

Magnetize or Demagnetize
tools & small steel parts instantly.

This is an incredible little tool that you don't know you need until you need it!

Let's say you're working on your car and you drop a metal screw into a tight crevice, impossible to fit your hand or any other tool into.  The screw is hopelessly out of reach.

No worries here just take a long handled screw driver and instantly magnetize the blade with the WiHa.  Presto, you now use it to retrieve the dropped screw.  "Oh! (you say) But I don't want to magnetize my good long bladed screwdriver." Again, it's no problem!

The WiHa will instantly demagnetizer the screw driver blade restoring it to normal. 

The WiHa uses Powerful C8 Permanent Industrial Grade Ceramic Magnets. (No batteries or electricity required.)

A simple and handy tool based on modern magnetic technologies:

 Average Price: $5 to $6.00


by: Dr. Von Zuko 2009

* Bafflegab = a blend of incomprehensibility, ambiguity, verbosity and complexity generally intended to make one (or things) sound bigger, more important, or more complex than they actually are or even need to be.
(Politicians apply bafflegab liberally.)

This wonderful and descriptive phrase . . . Bafflegab (I just love the way that sounds) was actually coined way back in 1952 by Milton Smith in an article he wrote to criticize government bureaucrats.  Isn't it nice to know nothings changes when it comes to politicians?  

** "A Fool and his money are soon parted." Thomas Tusser 1524 - 1580


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