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In the realm of speculation and research related to the Unidentified Flying Object there is a lesser known yet seemingly more complex phenomenon where the unidentified object demonstrates the capability to also operate beneath the waves.  These incidents are referred to as USO or Unidentified Submerged Objects.

For your scrutiny I offer a few more notable incidents that can not be easily dismissed.  What do you think?

Unidentified Submerged Objects

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The Shag Harbor Incident

One of the most extraordinary, UFO encounters of the twentieth century occurred in the tiny fishing community of Shag Harbor on the southern tip of Nova Scotia.

This event, while relatively obscure in the sense of public awareness, is one of the most thoroughly and officially documented UFO encounters of the last 30 years, and is easily as sensational and as mystifying as the famous Roswell incident.

In the evening skies of October 4, 1967 several residents of the village first noticed a rather strange grouping of orange lights. Several eyewitness accounts indicate that there were four orange lights that evening. Five of these witnesses included a group of teenagers who watched these lights flash in sequence for several minutes, and then suddenly and rapidly dive in a sharp 45 degree angle toward the water's surface.

To the amazement of the teens, and other eyewitnesses, on hitting the waterís surface the lights did not immediately disappear beneath the gentle swells, but seemed to float on the surface, approximately one-half mile from the shore. The initial panicked reaction of the observers was that they were witnessing the emergency ditching or crash of an airplane. The first report phoned into the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in Barrington, came from a young fisherman who told them that an airliner had gone into the bay. The first reaction by the police dispatcher was that the young man had been drinking, however after an immediate rash of 10 additional calls reporting the incident, the police quickly re-contacted the young fisherman for location details.

Within the same time period however, Constable Ron Pound of the RCMP was on patrol on Highway 3, heading toward Shag Harbor, and had been observing the strange lights as he increased his speed toward the incident.  Constable Poundís report was that he believed that the four lights were coming from a single aircraft, that he estimated to be about 60 feet long.

As Constable Pound reached the shoreline he was joined by two other officers, Police Corporal Victor Werbieki, and Constable Ron O'Brien. Additionally, several of the fishing villageís residents stood on the shore watching and questioning what to do next. According to Constable Pound and the other officers, the orange lights slowly changed to yellow, and the object appeared to move slowly across the surface of the water, leaving a yellowish foam in it's wake. By this time no fewer than 30 witnesses from various vantage points, watched as the object slowly drifted further from shore, all would later describe the object as about 60 feet long, 10 or so feet high and dome shaped.

After about five minutes, the object started to sink beneath the icy North Atlantic waves. A few of the eyewitnesses reported hearing a "whooshing" noise. While the RCMP had already been in communication with the Canadian Cost Guard and Cutter 101 was on the way, two of the RCMP officers and a few local fisherman hurriedly launched their boats to speed to the rescue of any survivors. As the small boats, and Cutter 101 reached the location, the lights were no longer visible but they found themselves sailing through a thick yellow foam, that indicated that something had submerged. (The fisherman report that the foam was not sea foam, and looked like nothing they had ever seen. In fact most were unnerved by the fact that they had to sail through it to look for survivors.)

After several hours of searching nothing was found and the search was called off at approximately 3:00 am. Both the NORAD and the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax had been contacted by the RCMP and found that there had been no reports that evening of missing aircraft, either civilian or military.

On October 5th (the following day), the Rescue Coordination Center filed a report with the Canadian Forces Headquarters in Ottawa. This report stated that something had crashed into the water in Shag Harbor, but the object was of "unknown origin." The Canadian Forces Headquarters dispatched the HMCS Granby to Shag Harbor crash site, and using advanced detection equipment and specially trained divers from the Navy and the RCMP, the Canadian military systematically searched the sea floor for several days, and found nothing. 

Here in 1967, the mystery ended with no physical evidence ever recovered, and no additional leads.

For a few years the story kicked around in the local papers. From time-to-time various theories and intriguing rumors emerged about Russian spacecraft, or Russian submarines, and an American follow-up investigation. Then the story simply faded into obscurity.

That is, until 1993 when the Shag Harbor incident once again was brought to the attention of the public. 

This was due to the dedicated investigative efforts of two men who are *MUFON investigators. Chris Styles, assisted by Doug Ledger, using public records such as newspaper clippings, and police reports were able to track down and interview many of the eyewitnesses and individuals involved in the Shag Harbor sighting, the rescue attempt, and in the subsequent investigation. Through their work, some extremely compelling clues and amazing new insights were uncovered.

In interviews with divers, and crew members from the HMCS Granby they discovered some startling information. The object that dove into the waters off of Shag Harbor had been tracked, and it had actually traveled underwater for a distance of about 25 miles to a place called Government Point. In the 1960ís the U.S. had maintained a small but technically advanced military base at Government Point, managing a Magnetic Anomaly Detection system (MAD grid) for the purpose of detecting and tracking submarines in the North Atlantic using .

The U.S. military had most definitely detected the object on its sensitive tracking equipment. Naval vessels were dispatched and positioned over the unidentified object, where it had stopped. After 3 days of no movement, and not knowing exactly what it was, the military was planning to initiate an investigative salvage operation. As the Navy waited and planned, the detection equipment picked up another object moving in, and to the amazement of all those involved, joined the first object on the ocean floor. The speculation at the time, was that the second UFO (I guess officially now an Underwater Flying Object) was there to render aid to the first object.

Not fully comprehending what they were dealing with the Navy decided it was best to standby and observe. For nearly a week the Navy vessels held their position over the UFOs. The detection base however, located a Russian submarine that had entered Canadian waters to the north, so several of the vessels had to be pulled off target to sail north to investigate. Under the cover of this new activity on the surface, both UFOs made their move, accelerating underwater toward the Gulf of Maine. The remaining Navy vessels pursued them toward the United States, but the objects continued to distance themselves from their trackers. To the astonishment of the pursuers, both of the objects broke to the surface and shot skyward to vanish within seconds.

According to the researchers, while these observations were well corroborated by many credible eye witnesses, these accounts were given "Off the Record" by military, ex-military, and civilian personnel who fear harassment, ridicule, or loss of pension. So as the saying goes, "only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

Clearly, a series of very extraordinary, and still unexplained UFO encounters, involving the navies of two countries and NORAD, occurred at Shag Harbor on October 4th 1967, and in the following week in the deep waters off of the cost of Maine.

*MUFON is an International Non-profit Civilian Research Organization.

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The U.S. Coast Guard: Great Lakes
Lake Erie Near Eastlake OH March 4, 1988

At approximately 8:35 P.M. March 4, 1988 the U.S. Coast Guard  responded to reports of an unidentified object over Lake Erie, near Eastlake, Ohio.

Eyewitnesses reported a large gunmetal gray object hovering low over the lake.   It was a bright clear night with a full moon and ice covering the lake.  As the initial observers moved closer to the lake shore to get a better look at what the object might be, they were immediately aware that the object made no noise what so ever.  The large object appeared to be an oval shape, somewhat similar to a foot ball.  It was reported to be slowly gyrating back and forth, emitting a blinding white light from each end.

The witnesses report that the ice on the lake was cracking loudly under the object, as it began to descend closer to the surface of the ice.  The underside of the object was now flashing with a red and blue glow that seemed to be in a sequence.

The Eastlake police were alerted to sighting, however, they deferred the U.S. Coast Guard due to the incident occurring over (or on) Lake Erie.

Awaiting the arrival of the U.S. Coast Guard, witnesses report that the object suddenly released five or six smaller bright yellow triangular objects.  These satellite objects began darting around independently, then stopped, hovered around the larger object momentarily and then darted to the north.  Turning sharply inland, the objects then accelerated in the direction of the Perry nuclear power facility.

It was at this point that  Petty Officer John Knaub and Seaman James Power of the Coast Guard arrived to investigate.  The arrived towing a rescue boat just in case.  They reported that they also had observed lights over the lake from Fairport Harbor and thought they could possibly be flares if fishermen trapped out on the ice.  However, the main craft with a few of the triangular objects zipping around it were immediately pointed out to them.

The men drove their Coast Guard Suburban closer to the lake to get a better look, accompanied by the initial witnesses.  At the shoreline they could hear the ice rumbling and creaking loudly almost like thunder. 

In the official incident report on file at Coast Guard headquarters in Detroit, MI, the men were quoted as saying that "the ice was cracking and moving abnormal amounts as the object came closer to it."

The Coast Guardsmen provided a running commentary on what they were seeing back to their base via the two-way radio.  According to witnesses present the Coast Guardsmen also reported: "Be advised the object appears to be landing on the lake . . . there are other objects moving around it. Be advised these smaller objects are going at high rates of speed. There are no engine noises and they are very, very low."

Abruptly one of the triangles zoomed straight toward the Coast Guard vehicle, a blur of light, then veered east, straight up, and came down beside the parent object.

Additional witnesses in separate locations further inland reported sightings of the triangle shaped objects.  A woman walking her dog reported a triangular object suddenly hovering overhead, causing her dog to cower and whimper.  She quickly moved the animal indoors and returned in time to see the hovering triangle flash a series of multicolored lights, then silently accelerate away

A young man out using a small telescope to observe the moon, spotted one of the triangles.  He was able to quickly grab a small disposable camera and snap a photo of one of the objects.  

The photograph was later analyzed by an optical physicist, who considered it to be a legitimate image of an unexplained object.

The Coast Guard team observed the activities of the objects for over an hour. Witnesses quote one of the Coast Guardsmenís radio transmissions; "You should be advised that the object is now shining lights all over the lake and it's turning different colors."

As the large object appeared to finally land on the surface of the lake, the thunderous rumbling of the ice ceased.  The smaller triangular objects began to enter the larger object one by one.  After a series of what was described as red, blue and yellow flashes the lights faded and the large object simply vanished.  

According to shaken witnesses, the Coast Guardsmen drove away also shaken and "white-faced."

In the ensuing investigation starting at daybreak the next morning, the only tangible evidence that could be tied to the incident were scattered chunks of broken ice.

On the evening of March 5th the mysterious triangles were again observed by several witnesses living along the lake shore.  The Coast Guard was alerted once more and had dispatched a larger team.  This time the Coast Guard arrived too late to observe the phenomenon.  




Dare to explore the fringes of conventional wisdom, challenge the status quo, only then are truth and science revealed.
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