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Dr. Von Zuko's Haunted Campus.  

Explore the unexplained phenomena and mysterious paranormal occurrences that make some of America's oldest and finest institutions of higher education, sometimes the most frightening places in the land.  


Dr. Von Zuko's Haunted Campus

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Haunted Victorian House by Dr. Von Zuko
Huntington College, Montgomery, Alabama.

The Red Lady of Pratt

For many years now, the Pratt dormitory has been the persistent haunt of a ghostly spirit known as the "Red Lady."  While no one knows the source of the disturbances for sure, the legend suggests that the "Red Lady" was a quiet, unpopular, and lonely student. 

Try as she might she found it virtually impossible to make friends.  In fact the more she tried, the more she was ridiculed and ostracized (teens can be very cruel and stupid at times).  They also found humor in the fact that she never wore any color but red, and taunted her over that as well.  Disillusioned and distraught, the young woman eventually hanged herself in her room. 

To this day, students have reported surprise, late night encounters with a young woman dressed in red who seems to quickly vanish through closed doors and even through walls. In recent times, and in a few isolated cases, a chilling blast of air rips through rooms in the dorm, and strange creaking sounds come from various corners of the room when ever malicious students pick on, or harass others.

Ghost on the Green:

In addition to the "Red Lady," there is another ghost on campus. The "Ghost on the Green" appears to be the specter of a young man. This legend offers that a young man was shunned by a girlfriend that had criticized him for being too needy and too clinging. After she broke off the relationship, the young man tried and tried to get her to see him again.

She repeatedly refused. Unable to cope with the rejection, the young man went to the campus green in the dead of night and shot himself in the head. While it was certainly a tragic event for the college, life goes on and soon the campus was back to normal . . . well almost anyway.

While no one has reported seeing vaporous figures or glowing orbs, many people claim he still walks the green. Crossing the green at night has become a very nervous topic of discussion at Huntington. Each year, quite a number of students report getting very spooked, feeling something suddenly tugging on their clothes, mussing up their hair, and even blowing in their ear.

by: Dr. Von Zuko 1998     

The University of Notre Dame: South Bend, Indiana

The University of Notre Dame GhostsFounded over one hundred years ago, The University of Notre Dame, has a long and grand tradition of academic excellence. As one might imagine its list of alumni is long and varied with a good number of scholars, athletes, and celebrities, in the mix. As a natural occurrence of life, many of these past alumni have crossed over into the afterlife while other, more restless spirits, have decided to linger.

For example, the ghost of the famous Notre Dame football player George Gipp is said to haunt the stage and greenrooms at the universitys dramatic theater department in Washington Hall. 

The ghost has been know to materialize momentarily from time to time and frighten students working on stage sets late into the night. In most cases the student gets a very strange sense that someone is standing behind them, when they glance over their shoulder they catch a fleeting glimpse of the spirit. At other times, people report strange unexplainable noises, like small metal objects being dropped and then scrapped up. 

While Gipp was certainly a great football player, he was also known as a bit of the gambler and party hardy type. In Gipps day, Washington Hall served as a mens dormitory, and was the place where George enjoyed much of his rowdy free-wheeling youth.

Now long before the university came into existence, the Patawatami Indians inhabited the area and the shorelines of what is now known as the St. Joseph River. The Patawatami lived here for hundreds of years and they buried their dead in the area of the campus. It is believed that the tribe still inhabits the ground. Ghostly images of these Native Americans, especially in the area around Columbus Hall, have been reported over the years, by many credible witnesses.

Columbus Hall is one of the original, early buildings on the campus, on numerous occasions the ghostly figures and their spectral horses, have been seen riding up and down it's stone front steps.

by: Dr. Von Zuko 1998

University of Dayton - Dayton, Ohio

The old campus chapel of The University of Dayton.The Theta Phi Alpha House

According to reported accounts, the Theta Phi Alpha house is hunted by what is believed to be the ghost of a older man, who, in a strange sort of way seems to watch over the girls. The history of the house and the nature of the haunting is not known, however, a possible explanation for the haunting could be that the ghost is the departed father of a past resident of the home. 

For quite a number of years now, the girls who have lived in the home have reported similar recurring phenomena.  Heavy objects, such as furniture, are mysteriously re-arranged while the girls are out of their rooms, and at times various other heavy items are moved or tipped over.  Small objects frequently turn up missing, but after a few minutes of searching, are usually found in rather odd places.  Lights inexplicably turn on or off on their own, at just about any time during the day or night, as if some unseen person is merely walking in or out of the rooms.

In many instances the girls claim that they can literally feel a presence, a somewhat uneasy feeling or a sense that they are just not alone. A frequent unnerving experience is that a cold spot occurs in various parts of the house from no apparent physical cause.  Often times, if the girls go to bed on a night when these cold spots are occurring in the house, they report that they wake up in the morning feeling strangely drained of all their energies and feel like theyve had no sleep at all.

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Illinois State University Normal, IL. 

The library at Williams Hall, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Angie Milner, the schools first official librarian.  This haunting tale is quite reminiscent of the opening library scenes in the popular movie Ghost Busters.  (Wonder where they got the idea?)  

For years, and on many occasions, students have reported incidents where books have been mysteriously pushed (by an unseen hand) from stacks or from shelves, one by one, and onto the floor with a loud bang.  At other times, library workers have been startled to find books arranged in unusual and precarious stacks. (Ohhh no, not phantom book stacking?) 

On occasion, people studying in the more secluded parts of the library have been startled by a sudden icy chill on the back of their neck and a fleeting glimpses of a vaporous or misty shadow, always just out of the corner of their eye at the edge of their peripheral vision. When they turn toward the direction of the movement, nothing is ever really there that they can fully describe. 

Paranormal researchers have studied, scanned, and taken electronic readings in Williams Hall on several occasions. The results certainly support the theory that there are some rather interesting energy anomalies present in certain areas of the library.

At one time students used to dare each other to spend the night alone in the dark library of Williams Hall and seeking out the ghost by whispering "where are you Angie Milner?"  Apparently, few ever lasted the night.  (Don't even think about doing this without permission, University officials will quickly have you brought up on charges these days.)

by: Dr. Von Zuko 2008

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Olivet College - Olivet Michigan

Haunted Olivet CollegeThis quaint little Michigan village was founded in 1844 and around the same time, one of the more prominent residents established the small Liberal Arts College of Olivet. Today the campus is quite charming consisting of many old and original buildings with a long, colorful, and mysterious history. Over the last 150 years there have been countless eyewitness accounts of vaporous apparitions and objects materializing and passing through the walls. As convincing evidence that something very unusual occurs at Olivet, photographs have even been taken by startled students and paranormal researchers alike. In a well known photograph taken in one of the old sorority houses, the image of a ghostly face can be seen coming right out of the wall.

At Shipherds Hall, campus security guards have been repeatedly shaken up during semester breaks by the sounds of faint music coming from somewhere in the building. Every time they search the deserted building, they are unable to locate the phantom sounds. In several instances, they return to their other duties, only to hear the eerie music again.

Numerous accounts reported at the college seem to have a consistent theme; objects of all descriptions seem to be moved around and rearranged inexplicably. On many occasions students return to their rooms in the evenings and find their things moved or hidden. In several incidents roommates have had heated arguments over this, each accusing the other, only to be stopped mid-debate when they see an object slide across a desk or curtains rustling (when no breeze is present). These strange ghostly events are not isolated to the college grounds, they are also reported by town residents who occupy the older homes throughout the town.

by: Dr. Von Zuko 1998


Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL.

Bloody Footprints

Haunted Tales from Eastern Illinois UniverityPemberton hall is said to be haunted by a woman who was tragically raped and murdered by a deranged janitor, in the early 1900's. 

The upper floor, where the murder is alleged to have taken place, has been closed off to students for years, but from time to time, mysterious wet footprints (sometimes bloody) are reported by building maintenance crews. 

On rare occasion, students report the late-night sounds of a distant piano wafting down from the up-stairs corridors. The murdered girl, was know to have played quite well.




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